When evaluating which sink is right for your home, it is important to consider various factors, such as cost, style, and resale value. The options are extensive when it comes to sinks, and not every sink is ideal for certain styles of décor within the home. Some of the common types of installations for mounting a kitchen sink to a countertop include undermount, drop-in, farmhouse, and dual mount. At DuraLedge, we offer patented and highly effective undermount sink brackets that are ideal for undermount sink installations.

Undermount Sink

An undermount sink sits underneath the counter. The level of the countertop is positioned above the edge of the undermount sink. Once installed, you have a seamless counter that hides the sink from view and enables easy cleaning of the counter. There are two ways to mount an undermount sink. The first is “overhang” (no reveal) which shows no sink rim. The second is “reveal” which shows some of the sink rim. The clean, seamless feel of the undermount sink makes it the ideal choice for remodelers using natural stone, solid surface, or quartz countertop materials.

Pros and Cons of an Undermount Sink

The installation method for an undermount sink keeps the rim of the sink hidden, providing a seamless countertop. The material used for installation should be durable but not excessively heavy. Some materials that may be used for an undermount sink include solid surface materials, stainless steel, and copper.

Undermount sinks provide excellent aesthetic value. Since the installation method uses undermount sink brackets that keep the sink hidden from view, the result creates a seamless and more attractive aesthetic. The countertops are easier to clean than those with drop-in sinks, and undermount sinks tend to have a better resale value. Undermount sinks represent a popular and modern style of sink that you should consider for your next project.

A challenge is that they are more difficult to install than some other types of sinks. Improper installation could mean leakage, sagging, failure or even damage to your countertops due to drilling and inserting screws close to the sink opening under the countertops. They are also generally more expensive than drop-in sinks. It is vital to ensure undermount sinks have proper support, like from the DuraLedge undermount sink brackets that can support the weight of your beautiful new sink using the cabinetry, meaning there is no need for drilling into the bottom of the countertops.

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**The information contained here should not be taken as professional advice, but rather a general guide to do-it-yourself installation. For best results or professional advice, please consult a professional installer. DuraLedge is not responsible for failure or damage as a result of incorrect sink installation.