DuraLedge KIT FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Undermount DuraLedge Kits

After installation of the DuraLedge HD bracket, there were 4 screws left over. Do I need these?

The DuraLedge HD bracket comes with two sets of 4 screws for the initial fastening of the bracket to the cabinet. A Pan Head screw for most onsite installations, and a Euro Screw for in cabinet shop operations. Some cabinet manufacturers add or pre-drill with machines, pilot holes to accept a Euro Screw. Unused hardware can be repurposed or recycled.

Can DuraLedge brackets support both my sink and countertop?

No, countertops need to be supported by the cabinets. This helps distribute the weight of the countertops. A good practice is to lower the sink during the countertop installation and then raise the sink to the underside of the countertop after.

Some bottoms of farmhouse and apron front sinks slope towards the drain, either to a side or to the middle. Will DuraLedge brackets work with this style of sink?

Yes, DuraLedge brackets were designed with this in mind. Not only is each leveler independently adjustable, but the levelers on the feet themselves swivel to sit flat against the bottom of the sink.

Can DuraLedge brackets be overtightened?

Yes, DuraLedge brackets are made to fit your sink snugly to the underside of your countertop. Only light pressure is needed for this. Over-tightening could damage the bracket or even the bottom of a light gauge apron front metal sink. We recommend people purchase quality sink products. Farmhouse and apron front sinks are not a good place to try and reduce cost in a budget.

What is the difference between a farmhouse and apron front sink? And why does the bracket matter?

Farmhouse sinks are made of natural composite and forged materials such as cast iron, clay fired, marble, quartz, and copper. Apron front sinks are stainless steel, copper, light composites, and light gauge metals. DuraLedge HD (metal) brackets are best suited for all farmhouse and apron front sinks greater than 30″ in width. DuraLedge LT (tough resin) is best suited for apron front metal sinks less than 80lbs or less than 30″ in width. Of course, this model needed is dependent on the weight of the sink. If you have questions on which is best for your project, please contact us.


How much will DuraLedge brackets hold?

Each DuraLedge HD bracket holds 400lbs. Each DuraLedge LT bracket holds 150lbs.

What if my order arrives and is defective?

DuraLedge will replace the defective part/product. Please contact us directly.

What if after the brackets, sink, and countertops are installed, one bracket was to fail or have an issue?

If properly installed, 3 leveled SinkLift brackets will continue to support your sink.

What if my sink is marble, extra large, or custom built, creating a concern for the maximum weight?

For special applications, we have found designers, custom home builders, and custom cabinet manufactures will double up the amount of brackets for a total of 8, sometimes utilizing the back of a sturdy built cabinet.

Can DuraLedge brackets be fastened through the back of a cabinet and into 2 x 4 studs on a wall?

We have not tested this and do not know of any issues both structural or code-wise that may be problematic to one’s specific application or geographic location. Although it may be possible with professional installation and verification of local code compliance, as well as different hardware such as lag bolts, DuraLedge brackets were designed to be mounted to cabinets.

I have a special application that may need more than 4 brackets but probably not a total of 8 brackets. Can I order just 2 more brackets for a total of 6?

Yes, please contact DuraLedge directly to inquire and order.

As the homeowner, I am doing the install myself. Any tips or considerations for the day of my countertop installation?

We recommend lowering your sink by 1/8″ and letting the countertop installers know about this so they can caulk, raise, and level the sink for final fitting.

How do I know which bracket is right for my application?

Farmhouse sinks (marble, clay fired, quartz, solid surface, cast iron), some copper sinks, and special applications/considerations require the DuraLedge HD. Apron front sinks (lighter copper, stainless steel, or other light metal sinks) less than 150lbs should be supported using DuraLedge LT. Feel free to reach out to DuraLedge with specific application questions. When in doubt, DuraLedge HD is the best option for peace of mind.

Will the bolts used to secure the DuraLedge brackets interfere with my dishwasher, double trash pullout, lazy susan, blind corner storage unit, or adjustable shelving in my adjacent cabinets?

The bolts used will not interfere with any of these noted applications. For most adjustable shelving applications, the bolts do not mount below the halfway point of a cabinet interior. Special applications may create exceptions.

We decided not to do a farmhouse or apron front sink. Can I return my brackets?

Yes, original equipment in original, unused condition and packaging can be returned for the original purchase price. Buyer is responsible for return shipping.

Don't farmhouse and apron front sinks come with fasteners or supports for installation?

No, DuraLedge brackets were designed and patented by the owner of DuraLedge, who began his career as a custom cabinet maker, after identifying the need for a quick and easy solution.

My cabinet sides are only 3/8" to 5/8" thick and have a space between the cabinet walls like the illustration on the DuraLedge website. Does this space need to be filled?

Yes, these spaces should be filled, wedged, or shimmed securely in close proximity to where the brackets will be installed to keep the structural integrity of the cabinet.

Do I still need to caulk my countertop to my sink?

Yes, this is an important step in the countertop installation process.

Do DuraLedge brackets need to be installed by a professional?

No, DuraLedge brackets were designed to be quick and easy to install using the right tools. Of course, anytime you can hire or give these to professionals to install, life’s better!

Will DuraLedge brackets work on any sink?

Most under-mount sinks and some laundry sinks can be supported using DuraLedge brackets. We learned this from clients, builders, and designers who reached out asking about special application needs.

What tools are needed for the DuraLedge installation process?

Either a flathead/standard screwdriver or a 1/4″ socket (handheld or drill) make installation easy.

Why not just use 2x4’s?

2×4’s, especially with shims sticking out not only look cheap and take up space, but are also susceptible to moisture. In most instances, not enough moisture for black mold to grow, but enough to be effected by wet and dry seasonal movement. Whatever time of year your sink is installed, the opposite season will be adding pressure or creating sag.