Install a farmhouse, apron, or standard sink with


DuraLedge Sink Lift

Sink Mount Bracket Installation

The Best Sink Mount Bracket for Your Farmhouse Sink Installation

Now Available in two versions: hd and lt

Regardless of whether you’re a cabinet manufacturer, home remodeling whiz, or simply wanting to improve your own home, ease of assembly is key. This why we created the DuraLedge sink mount bracket.

Its easy-to-follow with fast installation, it saves space, and is very adjustable, making it the clear choice for commercial or private sink installations, and the price doesn’t hurt either.

Fast Installation

Installations using 2 x 4’s look cheap and don’t always fit right. The DuraLedge bracket kit allows for quick and easy installation.

Adjustable Sink Brackets

Some sinks slope to one side so that water can drain more efficiently. DuraLedge brackets are independently adjustable so that your sink sits correctly and water flows in the right direction.

Space to Work

Traditional supports for farmhouse sinks take up valuable room for storage and plumbing. Sink Lift brackets maximize the space under the sink!


DuraLedge Reviews

“As a project manager I buy these for the semi-custom box cabinets our trimmers install. Easy to install and they look great.”

Tom S.

Project Manager, New Homes

“Just like drawer glides, hinges, or a double trash roll out, I added the operations needed to mount farmhouse and apron sinks to my CAD software. Incredibly fast and simple.”

Taylor B.

Cabinet Manufacturer

“Kitchen and bath remodels are our main focus. When a client specifies an apron front sink, we use the sink lifts to save time and make money.”

Jeff J.

Home Remodeling

Undermount Sink Bracket Hd Kit
Sink Lift Single Bracket Installed Cropped
Sink Lift Included Parts Tall