When it comes to installing a farmhouse sink in existing cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom, the right kit can make the process easier and more efficient. At DuraLedge, we understand these issues and have designed a unique, proprietary mounting bracket kit that makes the process more simplified. If you are looking for help with how to install a farmhouse sink, look no further than our sink mounting system.

Below, we look at various types of sink installation kits to help you determine the best one for your particular needs.

Drop-in Sink Installation Kits

A popular choice for ease-of-use and simplicity is a drop-in sink installation kit. These kits often include hardware and mounting clips, making them ideal for straightforward and fast installations. They are perfect for DIY installers looking to minimize any hassle with the installation process.

Adhesive Sink Installation Kits

Another option are adhesive sink installation kits. These kits utilize powerful adhesives that secure the countertop to the sink. Although the installation process is simple, the results may not provide the durability and long-term stability offered by bracket-based kits. These adhesive kits are generally more ideal for temporary setups or lightweight sinks, of which farmhouse sinks are generally not.

In addition, a traditional installation that utilizes 2x4s may appear inexpensive but often provides an improper fit, resulting in the need for a more effective, specialized bracket kit.

DuraLedge Sink Installation Kit

Both private and commercial sink installers can benefit significantly from the DuraLedge installation kit. Our kit provides you with an easy-to-follow installation process, saving you both effort and time.

As an undermount kitchen sink installation kit, the DuraLedge kit helps ensure your sink sits properly and that water flows in the right direction.

Each DuraLedge bracket is independently adjustable, enabling you to maximize available space beneath the sink. This bracket kit provides you with a cost-effective and efficient option for various sink installation applications.

To learn more about the DuraLedge sink mounting kit we offer, give us a call today at 715.690.4281 or send us a message.