A farmhouse apron front sink installation can provide your kitchen with both excellent functionality and enhanced visual appeal. However, the installation process can be challenging. Some valuable tips can help make the process easier, and that’s what we offer below. At DuraLedge, we offer our exclusive sink mount brackets to enable durable and easier farmhouse apron front sink installation.

Some of the initial steps involved prior to the actual installation of a farmhouse apron sink include shutting off the water lines, removing the old sink, removing the countertops, having the correct DuraLedge bracket for your new sink, and cutting into the existing cabinets.

Now let’s briefly look at some tips for how to install a farmhouse apron sink.

Install the Farmhouse Sink

With the correct DuraLedge bracket installed and a cutout created for your new apron front sink, you can simply rest the new farmhouse sink in place. Initially you will have the sink just sitting on the brackets without any adhesive or fasteners applied.

Some sinks will cover a gap on each side of the sink which can help with any required adjustment when you install the countertop. Sinks with no overlapping front edges will need to be more precise. Ensure the sink is sitting just below the cabinet top.

Install New Countertops

Use silicone to seal the seam between the top of the sink and underside of the countertops. Be sure to remove any silicone that squeezes out when raising the sink into its final position. Once dry, the silicone will help keep water out of the cabinet.

Reconfigure The Under Sink Base Cabinet

Wait the necessary time to ensure the silicone is completely cured before you resume work on the cabinets and sink. If needed, use wood saved from cutting into the cabinets, in a previous step, as a new mid cabinet rail or positive stop for your doors.

Cut Cabinet Doors Down To Size

If using the existing cabinet doors, refer to woodworking videos found online that focus on rebuilding cabinet doors. Alternatively, there are many millwork companies that will ship unfinished and finished cabinet doors nationwide. Some local cabinet manufacturers may be willing to build doors as well as companies specializing in cabinet refacing. Reinstall the door hinges and pulls and install the new doors.

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**The information contained here should not be taken as professional advice, but rather a general guide to do-it-yourself installation. For best results or professional advice, please consult a professional installer. DuraLedge is not responsible for failure or damage as a result of incorrect sink installation.