Undermount sinks have become a popular option for homeowners as a result of their seamless and sleek design. Unlike drop-in sinks, the plumbing of undermount sinks is initiated from underneath the countertop, providing a modern, clean appearance. It is easy to maintain the sinks since there is no lip to obstruct the wiping away of grime and dirt. These sinks are installed in a secure fashion through the use of special mounting clips or brackets, such as the brackets included with our DuraLedge undermount sink bracket kit.

The Importance of a Sturdy Undermount Sink Installation

Although undermount sinks provide a contemporary, sophisticated look, is essential they are also installed securely for long-term functionality. This is where an undermount sink installation kit (or repair kit), specifically the DuraLedge bracket kit, comes into play, offering an array of benefits that enhance your sink installation experience.

DuraLedge Bracket Kit: The Superior Solution for Undermount Sink Installations

1. Fast Installation for Lasting Results

With the DuraLedge undermount sink bracket kit, makeshift installations become a thing of the past. Unlike using 2 x 4’s, which often don’t fit correctly and can exhibit a cheap appearance, this kit provides you with an easy and quick installation process. You can have confidence that your farmhouse sink will be firmly mounted to the sink cabinets, giving it a strong, durable foundation that will last for a long time.

2. Easily Adjustable for a Precision Fit

Sinks have different features and characteristics in terms of size, shape, and fit. Our DuraLedge brackets are designed to accommodate this fact. With independent adjustability, these brackets ensure the correct and precise fit for your undermount sink installation, taking into account sink designs that feature a slope for more efficient water drainage. These brackets allow you to achieve a precise installation that enables effortless water flow in the proper direction.

3. Free Up Valuable Space

The DuraLedge undermount sink installation kit allows you to maximize the available space beneath your sink. With your farmhouse sink mounted securely to the sides of the cabinet, you will have plenty of room to accommodate plumbing fixtures and other important features. Our patented brackets enable you to design and install your undermount sink area with the flexibility you need.

Enhance Your Sink Installation Experience with DuraLedge

Achieve an exceptional undermount sink installation in your kitchen with our high-quality, innovative DuraLedge’s undermount sink bracket kit. For more information, or to order our undermount sink repair kit, give us a call today at 715.690.4281 or leave us a message through our contact form.