Farmhouse and apron sinks are becoming increasingly popular in contemporary bathroom design. They add elements of modern elegance and rustic charm to these spaces. At DuraLedge, we offer a unique mounting bracket system that helps facilitate the efficient and durable installation of a farmhouse or apron sink into your existing bathroom vanity.

If you are planning to add one of these sinks to your bathroom, below is a general guide to help you move through the process of installing a farmhouse sink in existing cabinets in a seamless manner.

Step 1: Measure

Start with taking accurate measurements of the space where you plan to install the apron or farmhouse sink. This is a vital step for ensuring a secure and precise fit during the farmhouse or apron sink installation process.

Step 2: Remove Plumbing and Sink

Prior to the beginning of the installation, be sure to disconnect all the plumbing and remove the existing sink to create sufficient space for the new installation.

Step 3: Remove the Countertop

Remove the countertop in a careful fashion to make room for the apron or farmhouse sink. Clear the area to make it ready for the next steps in the sink installation process.

Step 4: Cut the Cabinets

As required, perform necessary cuts in the cabinet to accommodate the dimensions of the new sink. Precision cuts are vital for achieving successful farmhouse or apron sink installs.

Step 5: Add Cabinet Supports

To ensure sufficient sink support, add any additional required support to the cabinet. This is the time to utilize our DuraLedge bracket support kits. This is a critical step for ensuring the durability and long-term stability of your sink installation. Secure the brackets to the cabinet walls and adjust each one until your sink is level.

Step 6: Set the Sink

Carefully position the apron or farmhouse sink into the designated space, ensuring the fit is secure and properly aligns with the surrounding area.

Step 7: Set the Countertops

Once the sink has been securely positioned in place, reconnect the countertops, ensuring they line up perfectly with the newly installed farmhouse or apron sink.

Whether you have chosen to install a sleek stainless steel apron front sink, or a traditional farmhouse sink in your bathroom, the process requires careful attention to detail and precision. Seek help from a professional installer if you are not certain about any of the steps involved in the installation process.

For information or support regarding farmhouse or apron sink installations and our proprietary DuraLedge sink mounting bracket, give our team a call today at 715.690.4281 or send them a message.