With the addition of an apron front or farmhouse sink to your kitchen or bathroom space, you can enhance the overall look and feel of the room, along with improving its functionality. The installation process can be a bit daunting, so the following tips should be helpful. At DuraLedge, we offer patented sink mount brackets that make the installation of an apron front sink a breeze. Here are some tips on how to install an apron sink:

Prepare your Workspace

Shut off the water lines in preparation for removing your existing sink. In order to do this, you will likely need to close the hot water and cold water valves and also disconnect the fittings. Then, take out the drain lines. Use a towel or small bucket to catch the water held in the P-trap as you remove it.

Remove the Old Sink

If there are any fasteners keeping the sink in place, remove them at this time. You will usually find them underneath the sink inside the base cabinet. Cut through the silicone bead around the sink using a utility knife. If the sink does not freely lift up straight, you can use a flat pry bar to loosen it.

Remove the Countertops

Remove all of the lower cabinet drawers as needed. Unscrew or remove any screws or hardware connecting the cabinetry to the countertops. You can then free up the countertops by using a utility knife to cut through the beads of silicone.

Install the appropriate DuraLedge Brackets for your sink

By following the written instructions or watching the short installation video found on Duraledge.com prepare the sink base by installing the support brackets

Cut into Existing Cabinets

Check your measurements twice before cutting to ensure the apron front sink will be centered in the countertop and cabinet front. Remove any false drawer fronts that may be found on the front of the cabinet. If the measurement in the space between the new opening where the drawer front was, is the correct width needed for your apron sink, start cutting the top rail (board) in line with the side pieces of wood with your sawzall. Do not throw away the pieces you cut. Sometimes they will be repurposed to narrow the opening if need be for your particular sink.

Install New Apron Sink

Install the apron sink on your Duraledge brackets and simply raise the sink just below being flush with the top of your cabinet, then install new countertops. Lightly snug the Duraledge sink brackets up to the bottom of your countertop. Install any trim around the sink if required, and finally, cut the cabinet doors down to size, as needed. Note some doors cannot be cut down but a quick search of the internet can find companies that only make cabinet doors for not a lot of money.

To learn more about the DuraLedge sink mount brackets we offer to help you achieve an easy apron sink install, call us today at 715.690.4281 or contact us online.

**The information contained here should not be taken as professional advice, but rather a general guide to do-it-yourself installation. For best results or professional advice, please consult a professional installer. DuraLedge is not responsible for failure or damage as a result of incorrect sink installation.